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TechSC’s mission is to accelerate growth & innovation while providing a unified voice for the statewide technology community by supporting entrepreneurs, connecting peers and decision makers, and establishing South Carolina as a global hub for innovation.


Promoting Innovation and Technology in South Carolina

TechSC, the Technology Association of South Carolina, is a statewide, member-based organization uniting South Carolina’s technology community. By connecting technology leaders, investors, businesses, academics, and policymakers, we help:

  • Accelerate innovation by fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and research

  • Grow technology businesses through peer groups, recruitment initiatives and networking

  • Provide technology leadership through local and national technology policy advancement

  • Prepare South Carolina students to actively participate in a global, technology driven economy

TechSC will serve as the collective force behind South Carolina’s technology ecosystem and innovation growth, giving the technology community a powerful, unified voice as it fosters support from business, government, education and community leaders. Through our member-led policy agenda and events we will work to grow the technology community in the state and push for policy that will boost innovation 

By combining our voice as an industry, TechSC can help businesses grow faster in a vibrant, healthy technology ecosystem, which improves the likelihood of their success in the state and attracts more talent within our border to fill high tech jobs.


SC Tech Sector Facts:

  • South Carolina Tech Sector Added More than 2,500 Jobs in 2017

  • Net Tech Employment Growth Ranked 11th in the Nation in 2017

  • tech sector contributed Nearly $11 Billion in Economic impact to South Carolina in 2017

  • The the tech sector Employs more than 122,000 people in the state

  • Average Salary is nearly $80,000 — 82% Higher than state average

  • South Carolina is home to 6,665 Tech Establishments


What We Do

We are the force behind the regional tech industry - supporting entrepreneurs, connecting peers and decision makers, and helping establish South Carolina as a global hub for innovation through:


We work with our federal, state and local officials to promote public policies that ensure the continued growth and success of SC’s tech industry, in addition to increasing opportunities for statewide economic development.

industry promotion

From emerging industry trends to breakthrough technologies and business models, we help shine a spotlight on the companies that power South Carolina’s innovation economy.

talent development

We help South Carolina attract and retain the nation's best tech talent by strengthening recruitment, skill development and opportunities for employees and employers.

professional networks

Our events and small groups provide avenues for TechSC members to build connections, share expertise and establish a collective industry voice.


The Technology Association of South Carolina is committed to working with our federal, state and local elected officials to promote sound public policies that will enhance the growth of the technology industry in South Carolina. To ensure we are adequately serving our membership, TechSC’s government relations efforts will focus on industry educational outreach to lawmakers and General Assembly updates to TechSC members.

Policy Priorities

PRivacy & Cybersecurity

We must ensure that state and local governments are creating new rules that foster innovation and growth enabling online services to create jobs and support our economy while at the same time, advancing individual expectations of privacy and the protection of digital information.

Unmanned Aerial vehicles / Drones

We will work with state and local governments to ensure we do not have a patchwork of UAV policies that allow for the advancement of drone technology while protecting the privacy of citizens as well as the commercial use or the technology.

Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture

Smart Cities and Farms will continue to make life easier for citizens and governments. We must ensure that policies are in place to promote the growth of these smart communities while at the same time protecting the privacy and right of South Carolina’s citizens.

Broadband and 5g rollout

SC currently ranks 28th in broadband access, we will work with state and local governments to allow for the growth of broadband infrastructure, including the approval of rules aimed at speeding up the deployment of small cells and other 5G network equipment. This will provide for greater internet access across our state.

Autonomous vehicle implementation

Autonomous vehicles are right around the corner, companies are testing vehicles in several states. We will look at existing legislation at the national and state level to craft rules that allow us to be competitive and forward thinking.

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy or on-demand companies are changing the way we do everything from home improvement, rent homes, laundry and get our food and groceries delivered. These rapid advancement are often met with burdensome rules and regulations.

STEM Education & Workforce development

To compete in a global marketplace it is imperative that we are preparing our students to be a part of the 21st century workforce. We will support policies that empower the students from primary to high education in STEM education fields, making our state more competitive with our neighbors.

Government Procurement

Information technology (IT) is the critical infrastructure that supports government operations and service to citizens. Many of our procurement laws are antiquated and don’t take into account today’s technology. We will work to modernize the state’s procurement process.

Defense cybersecurity at Fort Gordon

With US Army Cyber Command locating at Fort Gordon in Augusta, there will be tremendous opportunity for South Carolina to capitalize on expanding our cybersecurity presence. We will work with companies and legislature to boost the state’s position in cybersecurity.


TechSC Signature Events

TechSC offers events throughout the year to foster advocacy, education and networking with a wide variety of industries throughout the state. We strive to create better connections within South Carolina to make it the fastest growing technology hub in the nation.

  • Annual Tech Outlook and Legislative Preview

  • CompTIA and TECNA D.C. Fly-In

  • Lobby Day at the Statehouse

  • Summit on Technology Annual Meeting

  • CEO Leadership Retreat

  • Networking Events

  • Procurement and CIO Roundtables




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